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Monday, August 22, 2011

Jobs Students Will Love

Since many students work at least part-time in college I thought it would be useful to point out a few job choices that usually are good fits with college student’s schedules, and also are great part-time gigs when you leave school and may need a little additional income.

One field I work in is security.  Since I work full-time with this job and go to school full-time I needed something that would accommodate my school schedule.  Security often offers hours that make it easy to fit in classes.  For instance I only work 4 days a week and my shifts start in late-afternoon.  This makes it easier for me to take classes.  Many security positions are also overnight making it the ultimate time for class schedule flexibility.  Just make sure that you schedule in time to sleep!  That may sound silly, but it is necessary. Many security companies offer part-time work, and some allow you to choose your own schedule.

Another industry that usually works well with students is bartending/serving.  Since most people eat or visit night clubs in the evenings/nights your daytime is free to take classes.  Most bars and restaurants are flexible with student schedules (especially when you try to keep you school schedule consistent and you give them your school schedule in advance of the work schedule being created).

If you have excellent writing skills writing freelance for local papers and publications can also help you to earn money.  These don’t usually pay great, but they can be excellent supplemental income and, if you plan to become a professional writer, these jobs are great resume builders.  Since the jobs are freelance you can work as much or as little as you want and you can write at any time of day.

Factories with shift work can be good choices, although these are mostly full-time.  Since you will be working a set time of day everyday it makes choosing a school schedule that is compatible with an employer easier.  Just watch out for companies that have mandatory overtime.  This will get in your way of completing homework, getting enough rest, and getting to class on time.

Tutoring in any subject is also an excellent job for a student.  You can set your own hours and days and tutoring companies are very mindful of their employee’s need to do well in school.  Usually tutoring pays pretty well compared to other jobs (anywhere from $10-$20 per hour depending on your experience, field of expertise, and if you work for a company or on your own).  Tutoring on your own will often get you the highest pay (because tutoring companies take a cut for themselves), but you may not get to have as many customers.  If you are great at math…this job will work especially well for you.

There are many more jobs out there.  The main things you need to look for are if the job is flexible with your school schedule (meaning they will allow you to adjust your work schedule to accommodate your classes if necessary) or if the hours are in the evening/overnight, if the number of hours offered are what you are looking for, and if the pay is fair (you can usually tell by comparing to other companies in the same industry).  
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