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Where to Start

Start with the evaluation of your expenses.
 The True Cost of College 101
 It's Time for an Honest Conversation with the Folks.

Then move on to the various pathways to pay for college.
Dual Enrollment: The Early Bird Pathway
Testing Out: Perfect for all Ages
Postponement and Pausing: I See a Four Year Institution in Your Future
Uncle Sam: I Want You to Go to College!
Full-Time Times 2: Working While Attending School

Then learn how financial aid works.
Financial Aid 101
Financial Aid 102
Financial Aid 201
Under 24 and Your Parents Don't Pay? Sucks to be you!

Then begin reading the other posts for various tips to save on expenses or pay for college!

If you have any questions leave a comment or participate in the forums on the community page.
I do read comments and the forum and will answer as best I can!
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