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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cheap Fun For Broke Students

All work and no play make you tired and dull.  So what is a broke college student to do?  There are so many ways of entertaining yourself (or a date) without spending a penny.

Take advantage of free events at the college.  In the beginning of the semester there are usually concerts and mixer events that are not only fun, but also help you find new friends or reconnect with those friends you haven’t seen over the summer.   These are of no cost to students and often there is free food.  Some colleges even have a weekly movie night held in a student center.

Free lectures are also great ways to occupy time while also expanding your knowledge.  Nearly every day many departments have someone lecturing on something.  (If you don’t know what you want to major in this may also be a good idea.)  Also colleges have museums that are free to students.  At my university there are at least four exhibits (that I know of) that are completely free to the public.

National parks offer multiple ways of relaxation.  From camping, photography, sightseeing, to hiking, and free public presentations there are so many things you can do.  While national parks do charge entry fees you can buy an annual pass for only $80.00.  This allows you to bring 3 friends along with you on your adventures.   Many states have more than one national park, and nearby states can offer good road-trip opportunities.
College and University clubs can offer other opportunities to have fun at a low cost.  You can join a club for almost anything… academics, social causes, interests, sports, the sky is the limit.  If there is nothing that appeals to you, you can always start another club.

You can also watch out for good deals on local fun.  Sometimes on campus or through sites like groupon you can find paintball, lazertag, go karting, bowling, etc. for reduced rates.  Some movie theater chains also offer great deals.  One local chain where I live offers $5.00 matinee movies Sundays through Thursdays.
The last tip is always carrying your student I.D. with you and ask if the place you are going to offers student discounts.  Local museums, opera, orchestra hall, playhouses, and other venues often encourage students to attend by offering good discounts.  The only catch is you have to ask.

Hope these tips will help you to have some fun when your nose isn’t in your books and your but isn’t sitting in class! 
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